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Call transcriptions are helping organizations increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction.


Using advanced AI technology, transcription of voice calls becomes only the first step in providing a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of sales reps and customer support teams.


Sealed provides an automated, AI based transcription platform that monitors and analyzes conversations, across the organizations, across channels, in real time.


It automatically captures the customer’s interactions and understands the context, proactively alerting management to risks in the pipeline – turning conversations around and saving deals. monitors all conversations in over 60 languages, and cultures.


  • Clear, and concise transcriptions

  • Analysis of rep-to-customer efficiency

  • Fine tuning the sales and customer messaging

  • Lead nurturing

  • Team focus on commerce

  • Call Center training & Incident Analysis

  • Personalized and enriched conversations

  • Adherence to legal and regulatory standards 


Operating from any endpoint, on any communication device, and integrates with a wide range of systems.

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