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A company’s most important department is sales. You can have an average product, ordinary admin, typical operation team, but you must have a super-powered sales team.

Our company’s chiefs all have superb technical background, but turned over to sales,  and excelled at it.

Shlomi Lifshitz - VP Operations

Shlomi has been successfully navigating sales for the past 15 years.

His experience runs across a broad range of industries and organizations, including cyber security, financial services, unique sales platforms and more.

In addition, Shlomi also dedicates his time to mentor at the ILDBExec which provides an accessible community for collaboration, networking, hiring and business opportunities.


Through his deep understanding of the financial world, current sales demands, and organizational structure, it is only natural for Shlomi to make accessible for companies today – brining accuracy, and personalization to sales.


Amit Bohensky - Chairman & Co-Founder

Founder & Chairman Zoomd (TSX)| Serial Entrepreneur with Multiple Exits | Founder of Moonbow | Angel

Bohensky is a well-recognized figure in the Israeli and international markets, said to be a network magnet and a powerful force in the technology and start-up arena. His ability to seize opportunities and recognize hidden potential has led to exceptional results.

Arik Halperin - CTO

Software engineer & manager with almost 30 years of field experience, in both start-ups as well as leading organizations: Intel, Texas Instruments, Vonage Mobile.



MSc Computer Science from the Bar Ilan University, and a Mechanical Engineer degree from Tel Aviv University, Halperin is dedicated to lead Sealed.AI technology forward.


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