Average increase in violations spotting


Average reduction in compliance QA manual tasks


100% Overview on all customers conversations

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Financial organizations must comply with a multitude of regulations, that are continuously changing, while still conduct business and generate revenue. PCI-DSS, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank, GDPR, MIFID II, SEC 17a-4, SOX, or FSA, are just a small fraction of the regulations that impact daily contact center operations.

AN AUTOMATED, AI BASED PLATFORM THAT MONITORS AND ANALYZE CONVERSATIONS, ACROSS THE ORGANIZATION IN REAL TIME. monitors all conversations and captures your customer’s interactions, while understanding the context. It proactively alerts management’s attention to risks, immediately helping conversations turn around.

  • Verifies regulations are met

  • Provides critical insights and valuable guidelines

  • Flags issues compliance infringements, which may otherwise be overlooked

  • Recuperate from call inaccuracies as they happen

  • Enables financial teams to focus on commerce

  • Filters out noise

  • Personalizes and enriches conversations

  • Automated audit & exam preparations

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Successful Manager


“ has saved us hours on end, listening to calls and analyzing them manually. Without the solution, we were never able to achieve full monitoring, leaving us with compliance gaps.”

- VP Operations, leading financial institute.


“ provides the call center’s team members full access to valuable reminders and guidelines before the conversation. They also get pop-up tips during the calls, to ensure they stay on track. This enables me, as the manager, to have peace of mind that everyone is guided even if I’m not on the call with them.”

- Call Center Director, leading fintech institute. 


  • Cross-organization transparency

  • Boost team confidence

  • Higher revenue

  • Lower cost of ownership

  • Lower regulation penalties

  • Increased brand loyalty

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