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Meet the CEO.

Companies are often judged by their team, specifically the CEO, and rightfully so.

It is that person/s that give an organization it’s tone and sets the stage for the success to come.

Saying that, meet Ofer Fryman – Founder & CEO of

Ofer Fryman – Sealed founder & CEO
Ofer Fryman – Sealed founder & CEO

Former founder & CEO of the popular Syte, a leading product discovery platform for ecommerce that uses visual AI, Ofer began his career as a promising R&D talent. Under his career belt are world conglomerates like Hewlett-Packard, Shunra, Jungo, and Microsoft.

Technion Summa Cum Laude and AI expert since 1996 when the first boosted decision tree was implemented in Fortran.

In a recent conversation, we presented some questions about AI, Finance industry, Sales, and his experience:

Q: How does your wide of experience impacting the work today?

A: Over the past 20+ years of seeing companies or building companies that scale from an idea to a large successful company, I came across a lot of challenges. Mostly down the road.

My dream was to ease those challenges.

How? By replicating best sales and customer success practices, from experts, and pass them over to the entire staff. In a practical automated manner. that is extremely beneficial.

Q: Why sales and customer success?

We know that these two teams are the key to a successful business.

But today, the number of sales and customer success calls are overwhelming. They create a massive amount of un-manageable data that can blur anyone’s perspective outlook. No human alive can really manage with these amounts of data, in an effective manner.

Now, managing all this in real time looked like an impossible mission. Imagine you have an amazing sales training expert and practices. But these experts work simultaneously with all sales and customer success teams.

What if you could download this expert/trainer’s mind into a machine that can then replicate itself in real-time?

To remedy that, I believe that with the right technology, and a right set of tools – any sales, customer success, support, training, and other teams – can excel.

AI is the right technology to do that.

Q: Does the labor shortage have an impact?

Most definitely yes.

Today’s labor shortage, given current affairs (pandemic, war…etc.), is not what I’m talking about. It’s also the predicted future deficiency. The global population is getting older, while the total population is shrinking - meaning less young people and less young staff. This will directly reduce economic growth.

The solution is once again – AI. It won’t replace human power but will rather help to increase productivity efficiencies

Q: What is a unique proposition that is bringing to the market today?

What Sealed is proposing is using AI technology to replicate expert’s mind into machines. That is the key to successful, trained and monitored sales teams. It brings clarity, and real-time guidance in managing sales and revenue.

Sealed is proposing an entirely different path

Real-time automated processes; Voice to Emotional-Intelligence (EI); Implicit, nuances and EQ insights.

Q: What are your plans (short and long term) for

I strongly believe that Sealed is a gamechanger. Many companies testify that about themselves, but looking from the outside in, with my experience, I have a lot of confidence. In the existing market need, in the team I have built, and in the solution itself.

Our immediate plan, and we are already very much successful in that, is scaling up. Locally, then globally. We are starting with the most natural vertical with is Finance, but our plans are to go much further than that.

To do that, we are currently raising funds that will enable further R&D investment and larger team.

If this sounds interesting, and it should, contact the team.

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