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Call Transcription Leaps into the 21st Century

If you think transcribing voice calls into text is taking a step backward - then you need to look at the multiple benefits, that today’s automated call transcription and analysis solutions provide.

Historically, call transcription took a huge leap forward with the invention of the Magnetic Tape Recorder which was first used as the basis for transcribing air traffic control reports and military communications. This was revolutionary at the time, as one could “go back in time” so to speak to examine the contents of a conversation that took place hours, days or weeks ago.

This was followed by transcription services which offered professionally trained transcribers who are experts at listening to a recording and quickly typing what they hear as they go. Quite an impressive skill, but at the end of the day, it takes them an average of three hours to transcribe one hour of audio which is not incredibly efficient. While the output should be accurate, it is still subject to human error and gives you what was said in the conversation, but no analysis for what is difficult to hear or analysis around it.

Fast forward to the 21st century and automated call transcription solutions have far exceeded expectations. Once used mainly for legal purposes, today’s solutions are helping companies increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction.

Using advanced AI technology, transcription of voice calls becomes only the first step in providing a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of sales reps and customer support teams.

Here are a few reasons why the latest AI-based automated call transcription solutions are becoming a must-have for call center managers and professionals who want to improve sales call efficiency, ensure customer satisfaction, and increase revenues.

1. Fast turnaround on clear concise transcriptions

For starters, automated transcription solutions should be able to produce clear understandable text - even from difficult recordings where people are speaking softly, talking at the same time or have a foreign accent.

Besides the core voice-to-text technology, some leading solutions leverage AI based algorithms to “fill in the blanks” when the recordings are garbled or inaudible.

Some of the best online transcription services offer 6-12 hour turnaround as a premium service, over the usual 3-5 day delivery time. Most automated transcription solutions provide results within 15 minutes of completing a call, while the most advanced technologies can even provide results in real-time.

2. Analysis of rep-to-customer efficiency

Clear separation between rep and customer participation in the conversation, opens the way for advanced analysis of call efficiency to improve closing rates and increase revenues.

Results of specific calls can be shared between managers and call center professionals to analyze what went right and what can improve in the call. Successful calls can be analyzed to see which key phrases helped seal the deal, while review of less successful calls can reveal what is causing a negative response by potential customers.

It also helps managers and reps achieve the right rep/customer balance in the conversation. Listening to customers concerns can be just as effective in closing deals as telling them about a product’s latest features. AI based automated transcription analysis helps show call center professionals the best way to achieve that balance and close more deals.

3. Fine-Tuning of Sales and Customer Messaging

Transcription enables text-based analysis of multiple calls by specific reps or the entire team. By identifying successful calls that brought customers to the next step-of-sale or closed a deal, key messages can be identified.

These messages can then be integrated into a company’s marketing content and of course be used by other call center reps to close more deals.

3. Digital Marketing Lead Nurturing

Catching sound bites from a conversation, figuring out where a customer is in the buyer’s journey, and forwarding that lead to the relevant sales rep is time-consuming, not practical and certainly not scalable.

By transforming conversations into text, existing digital marketing techniques used to classify website visitors and follow leads who filled out online forms, can be used to nurture leads from sales and customer service calls.

Potential or existing customers can be identified by their telephone number and classified according to the words and phrases used in their recent call. This could then trigger an automated response, based on their classification, such as an email offering a white paper with in-depth information about the product or service or a discount for an upgrade.

4. Call Center Training & Incident Analysis

Transcripts are a great tool to share with existing reps and should be must-have for the required reading as part of the new-hire onboarding process. Using transcripts from real customer conversations is one of the best ways to increase the success rates and retention of new hires, while avoiding the embarrassing mistakes new recruits usually make.

Accurate transcriptions are also an essential tool for incident analysis where challenging situations that arise in the call center can be clearly analyzed and shared with team members.

5. Adherence to Legal and Regulatory Standards

Although many forms of digital media are acceptable in courts and regulatory bodies today, it is still a good idea to have transcriptions as a backup to ensure that your business and employees are not in legal or regulatory jeopardy.

By transcribing calls, you have evidence and proof of what was said between reps and customers, and how situations were handled. It’s unfortunate but the reality is that disputes do arise, and most counties do allow call recordings and transcription as evidence in court.

The same is true for regulatory bodies who need proof of compliance. A good example of this would be adherence to the US Telephone Consumer Protection Act in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s Telemarketing Sales Rules.

Sealed.AI Automated Transcription & Analysis Solution

Selecting the right automated transcription solution for our business can be challenging. That’s why it’s important to know about leading solutions such as Sealed.AI, with real-time transcription, industry leading accuracy and advanced analysis that keeps customers happy and increases revenues.

Contact our team for more information and see if you qualify for a free demo.

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