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remain compliant across all customer conversations

Sealed streamlines your compliance-risk management. It verifies that regulations are met and flags compliance issues that might otherwise be overlooked. It’s an AI-enabled peace of mind that allows financial firms to focus on the actual commerce.


Conversation Intelligence

Sealed has build powerful finance Artificial Intelligence data model that monitors customers call and alerts on any compliance infringement.

Real Time Monitoring

Sealed provides non-intrusive and endpoint agnostic cloud based platform that provides insights on ongoing calls and can mend infringements on the go.

Automated self-learning

Based on call history, character, action patterns and overall anonymous statistics, Sealed continuously learns how to best interact with and take care any compliance issues.
Avg. increase in violations spotting
Avg. reduction in compliance QA manual work
overview on all customers conversations

get transparency
Filter out noise
Monitor and manage changes in the regulatory environment with a real-time, personalized stream of enriched regulatory content from any source and across all conversations. All regulatory content is filtered using advanced algorithms tuned to your requirements.

Featuresat a glance

Automate conversation surveillance
Natural Language Fintech AI model
Use’s unique fintech data model methodology to assess regulations, identify violations, and highlight only those risks relevant to your enterprise. Evaluate the impact on specific controls, policies, and business processes.
Real time trade conversation monitoring
Proactive Surveillance
Monitor all sales conversations in real-time in more than 60 languages. Sealed automatically captures your customer interactions and understands the context, proactively calling your attention to risks in your pipeline before the deal is lost or violations are made.
Comply Better
Automate Preparation for Audits and Exams
Improve the results of audits and exams by automatically recording regulatory change activities and alerting users to findings against other financial services enterprises. Cleaner audits and improved transparency across the business ultimately boost the confidence of executives responsible for attestation. Rely on certified audit reports that provide assurance of the validity and authenticity of compliance evidence for auditors and other stakeholders.

Sealed operates

from any endpoint, on all phones, supporting SDK to a wide range of systems and can be fully embedded.

INTEGRATION at a glance

Satisfy regulatory

Organizations have to comply with a multitude of regulations: PCI-DSS, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank, GDPR, MIFID II, SEC 17a-4, SOX, or FSA, are just a small sample of the regulations that impact daily contact center operations.

Low total cost
of ownership

Cloud SaaS solution with centralized capabilities, open architecture, virtualization, and multi-site management,

and adaptable

We easily adapt to unique requirements, and satisfy regulations, and help you abide by any requirements – from pause and resume recording, to tracking data, or obtaining alerts on recording. Our flexibility extends to operational set ups as we support virtually any telephony vendor and network environment, as well as of types of organizational structures including multiple sites, branch offices, and remote employees.