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Salespeople, we provide

the edge you

Super-smart sales calls, everywhere opportunity happens.

Video is the new ‘meeting-in-person’

optimize your
video calls

Your AI-enhanced sales assistant takes notes and provide smart insights in real time.

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of new leads are not recorded and managed
of opportunities are lost because of poor responsiveness
of companies with less than 50 new opps per month didn’t achieve their revenue goals


Operating from our proprietary Virtual-Mobile-Network, the Sealed platform funnels all call conversations, from any endpoint, be it sales or support, into one command and control platform.
The calls are analyzed, indexed, and are turned into smart actionable insights.
Sealed super-charges the company’s CRM, increases conversion-rates and elevates missed opportunities into the center of attention.

Super charge your CRM

giving salespeople the power of their AI-enhanced CRM WHEREVER they are and on WHATEVER device they use

Raise your Sales IQ

Get insights into your sales call, before they happen, as they happen, and after they are done. Calls become actionable insights instantly streamlining your sales process

Sell more

Don’t let quality leads get lost ever again. Get the insight you need to turn existing opportunities into sealed deals and ultimately, and over exceed your quota
Sealed funnels the entire sales cycle into one AI-enhanced, Data-driven, centralized platform which operates at the speed of opportunity