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We are a company on a mission to increase sales.


It starts before the onset of the call with our “talking point” feature. This is a proprietary AI engine that instantly displays information about the prospective buyer from the CRM, the salesperson’s device, OSINT and social media. You’ll learn what the last discussion was about and if there are any relevant up-sale opportunities. You’ll also discover if both of you are Manchester United fans, which you can use to establish a connection.


Recording, Trnascription, NLP, NLU
The conversation then goes through our robust and secure virtual network, where it’s being recorded and transcribed in real time. Our algorithm uses NLP to analyze and highlight relevant content (i.e., dates, compliance keywords) and NLU to understand it. In addition, notes can be added manually while the call is still fresh in the rep’s mind.


Automatic Actionable insights
Once the conversation is done, your call automatically turns into actionable insights. The relevant data gets fed to your CRM and turns into reminders and follow-up. Natural language algorithms extract knowledge from the log, generating tasks and highlighting opportunities. The dialogues themselves become searchable, and you can easily find pertinent information from your history of logged discussions.


All data is securely fed into the company’s back-office system. Your super-charged CRM gets more efficient from call to call. Using machine learning, it will help you better understand your sales tactics, integrate knowledge from various channels, predict your future needs, and, ultimately, help you get more business done. Over time, it sheds a light on quality leads that might otherwise be lost or under-handled by elevating them from your blind spots and into your center of attention.


The organization’s dashboard provides a unique insight into your call status across the company. Opportunities can be created and are instantly deployed

Sealed is ever learning.

Every additional interaction with the client is analyzed for new relevant data and fresh online information is constantly being vetted and added. Our AI engine process this data and turns it into updated insight and relevant action items.